O titcoin

Titicoin został opracowany jako bezpieczna oraz anonimowa forma elektroniczynej waluty dla przemysłu rozrywkowego dla dorosłych.

Największym problemem walut elektronicznych lun inaczej zwanych kryptowalut jest de

One of the biggest hurdles facing cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin) is demonstrating real value outside of speculation and future adoption. Our focus is to create tangible value in the currency through partnerships and industry relationships. This involves generating support within the adult entertainment industry which in turn creates the demand for Titcoins… which in turn creates value. The following article best captures this philosophy:




The Titcoin currency offers the following benefits to consumers and producers of adult oriented content and services:

  • Fast and secure payments with little to no transaction fees
  • Anonymous transactions ensuring privacy protection
  • Accepted globally without being subject to government regulations
  • Support from leaders within the adult entertainment industry
  • and finally… Titcoin is a super easy name to remember



  • Exchange Symbol: TIT
  • Algorithm: SHA-256
  • Block Reward: 69 coins
  • Block Time: 5 minutes (300 seconds)
  • Total Coins: 69,000,000
  • Retarget: Every 2016 blocks
  • Halving Interval: 500,000 blocks


Future Initiatives:

Developing the Titcoin wallet is only the beginning of the process. Our plan for the future is to work with established currency exchanges to accept Titcoin as commodity. In addition, we are in the early stages of developing our own transaction tools that allow adult-oriented entities to accept Titcoin as a form of payment.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why choose SHA-256 over the Scrypt algorithm?
A: This was a tough decision for us when building the Titcoin wallet. We realize Scrypt offers a more even playing field for prospective miners. On the flip side, the sheer number of competing Scrypt cryptocoins on the exchange makes it exponentially tougher to successfully launch a new coin. In addition, we believe Bitcoin mining will soon be deemed unprofitable leaving many SHA-256 miners scrambling to find the next best coin to mine with their existing hardware. The opportunity is ripe for a new SHA-256 coin to enter the marketplace particularly one that has support from industry leaders.

Q: Why was there a pre-mine period before Titcoin was officially launched?
A: Our main focus is to convince service providers to support Titcoin as a form of payment. Without their support, Titcoin will suffer the same instability and fate as almost all cryptocurrencies to date. In order to gain support, we have to provide some incentive to get businesses invested and interested in Titcoin as a legitimate currency. A handful of key leaders in the adult entertainment industry will be given the Titcoin wallet in advance of the public launch. This exclusive pre-mine period should create a vested interest that will hopefully ensure valuation in the long run.

Q: Can Titcoins be used to pay for illegal content and services?
A: As with any currency, people will find ways to purchase and sell content and services that are illegal in certain geographic areas. Titcoin is no exception since it is impossible for us to control who owns the currency and how they choose to spend it. However, we firmly believe that Titcoins should only be used as a form of payment for legal activities in various jurisdictions. We will only work with and promote partners who adhere to the regulations in their geographic region. In addition, we will work with payment processors to ensure that only legitimate and legal businesses accept Titcoins.